The Life Science Degree Holders in India till the turn of the 21st Century had limited options when they looked for careers after completion of their Graduation or Post Graduation. The options were very limited, either they had to leave the country to pursue higher education and opportunites or they had to settle with what ever opportunities they had in Industries. But at the early 1990's with the Liberalization of Indian Market and through entry of Multi National Companies into India the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sector started to grow. By the turn of the 21st Century Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sector became a Global Market and MNC Companies strated setting up their Operations in India. With the Globalization of the Pharmaceuticals Market many new challenging careers are being introduced into the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sector; which were a distant dream previously for Indian Life Science Students. Now more and more Multi National Companies are recognizing the Value of the Indian Market and are starting their Operations is India. Which gives a Platform for Life Science Students to enter into various Challenging and Exciting Careers which the field has to offer.

One of the Domains of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Sector which is currently offering a Stable and Successful Future is Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance.

Clingent HR Staffing, India targets to provide the complete manpower solutions to an organization. Proven expertise, dedication to meet the targets and exceeding expectations is what drives our success.

Clingent– Areas of Services

Permanent Staffing:
  Clingent has a vast database of candidates across geographies available for permanent, contract and temporary work. We use effective mechanisms to conduct complex and detailed searches according to qualifications, experience, locations and other prerequisites.

Flexi Staffing:  
Clingent Flexi Staffing solutions are custom designed to suit any hiring requirement of a business. It is supported by an expert execution team that tailors services to meet unique hiring needs, across all industries and levels - Be it a short term (3 months) temporary placement or a long-term project hiring work.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing:  
Clingent provides value to its customers by saving more than 50% of valuable person-hours of their senior managers because Clingent team understand and deliver sources only the top performing candidates for each position. Clingent services have assisted companies by sourcing candidates in quick turnaround times and reducing bulk recruitment costs by over 30%. A dedicated recruiter will be working with your technical/ hiring team to discuss the requirements in detail. Recruiter will be using our databank along with the job portals that we use for sourcing resumes. Recruiter will be using our job portal account to post ads. as per the company’s requirements. In absence of that person another recruiter will working on your requirements, hence there will be no loss of work.